Accessibility is more important than ever in 2020

Accessibility marking in a parking spot

What is WCAG?

The four principles





WCGA 2.0 vs 2.1

  • The orientation of the screen — Websites are required to be built for both portrait and landscape orientations. Developers need to make sure they put effort into making their websites responsive.
  • Reflow while magnification — For people with visual impairments like poor eye-sight and users with cataracts need the elements in the UI to reorganize when they zoom in. Designers are required to make sure the elements are still organized in a particular way so that they don’t look disorientating to handicapped people.
  • New hovering rules — WCAG 2.1 requires websites to have navigation menus that expand not only to a mouse hover but also to a click from a mouse or a keyboard input. This is to make sure that even people without a mouse can navigate the site without any issues.
  • Naming labels — The new guidelines require the accessible name of an element to be the same as the name of the label so that it is easier for users of screen readers to navigate the product.
  • Status changes for screen readers — Another new addition to the guidelines is that the users of screen readers should also be notified of status changes via a sound.

Let’s talk a bit about what the role AODA plays in this

  • Customer service standard
  • Information and communication standard
  • Employment standard
  • Transportation standard
  • Design of public spaces standard

How does this affect websites?

The role IASR plays in this (I know, so many acronyms 😅)

  • Provide training to staff and volunteers
  • Develop an accessibility policy
  • Create a multi-year accessibility plan and update it every five years
  • Consider accessibility in procurement and when designing or purchasing self-service kiosks

Why all of this matter

group of people from different background




Accessibility Evangelist & Certified UX Wizard. Perfecting the art of humanizing technology at CityWide Automation— more on

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Hasnain Bakhtiar

Hasnain Bakhtiar

Accessibility Evangelist & Certified UX Wizard. Perfecting the art of humanizing technology at CityWide Automation— more on

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