5 realistic UI/UX trends that will rule 2020

We’re embracing dark mode (finally)

via The Verge

It’s official, 3D is a thing

via Bluereceipt

Quirky is the new cool

via Aga Giecko

Motion makes anything better

via Gleb Kuznetsov

Heavy renders

via Apple.com

Honorable mentions

Inclusive design

Inclusive design gets thrown out a lot when discussing UI/UX trends. It’s the idea that we should take diversity into account when we create designs. Correctly understanding people from different cultures and backgrounds is crucial to creating products that produce good commercial success.

UX Audits

Designing products that adhere to principles is more important than ever. Research has shown that products that follow design principles and guidelines report significantly more growth than the ones that don’t. UX Audits play a huge role in identifying the faults in current systems and improving them by applying these principles.

AR and VR

What UX trend article is complete without AR and VR? Even though these technologies haven’t yet disrupted industries as we thought they would, companies are gradually implementing them as much as possible. And with companies like Apple investing huge amounts in AR, especially with their upcoming Apple Glasses, AR is definitely going to be a hot topic this year in design.



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Hasnain Bakhtiar

Hasnain Bakhtiar


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